Rika Memo

Memo Pellet Fire Metallic Grey

Rika Memo

The small MEMO pellet fire with its compact form allows you to enjoy the cosy warmth of a pellet fire even in a relatively small living room. The MEMO fire combines a stylish appearance with compact dimensions. Let yourself be enthralled by this pellet fire and look forward to a heating experience par excellence.

Available inĀ  Metallic Grey.

All Rika Pellet fires sold in New Zealand are ULEBs (Ultra Low Emission Pellet Fires) and able to installed in new homes in clean air sheds.

CURRENT FIXED PRICING From Eenergy for the Rika Memo pellet fire with standard flue and standard installation in Christchurch is $7,500 including council consents.

Get in quick! We are down to the last few!

Mark and Clare installed a Rika Memo Pellet fire from Eenergy. Hear what they have to say about their fire.

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  • dimension

    978 x 490 x 544 MM

  • output

    From 2.4 – 9.0kW

  • hopper
    Pellet hopper

    Approx 21 KG

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