Toshiba Floor Console


The Toshiba Floor Console has a compact design and features the unique floor warming mode. There is no drop in capacity even at -15°C for RAS-18 Nordic Extreme Model

Floor Warming Mode

Floor warming mode is like the warmth of a fireplace. It blows warmer air than normal heating mode with less uncomfortable blasts of air.


The two outlets at the top and bottom ensure comfortable heating. A unique and original Toshiba feature is the bottom air-flow which directs and spreads air across the floor

WiFi Option

With the Toshiba WiFi Application you can easily adjust your console and other Toshiba products. Up to four time periods can be controlled differently for every day of the week without hassle or stress.

Ultra Pure Filter

Toshiba's Ultra Pure Filter captures up to 94% of PM2.5 particulate matters coming from atmospheric pollution, Your family can breathe easy, knowing your room is kept fresh and clean/.

Aqua-Resin Coated Coil

Toshiba adds an extra level of cleanliness through the self-cleaning function and aqua-resin coated coils. This means dirt, dust and oil are frequently washed off the internal coil to reduce moisture, mould and fungi that can build up and cause harm.

Nordic Extreme Constant Heat

Toshiba constant heat function will give you peace of mind that you will get all the heat you paid for whilst feeling the warmth when it matters most. Only available in the RAS-18U2FVG-NZ model.