Pellet Fuel Delivery Information



1) We provide a pellet fuel delivery service.  


2) We charge delivery fees on a scale depending on how many bags of fuel you order.  The minimum fee is $5 and scales up to $15 per delivery of 300 kgs of fuel (whether delivering pre-paid fuel or new orders).  The delivery fee will be clearly shown on your order.

The stated fee is for within 20km of our Christchurch Warehouse.  We reserve the right to refuse unless it is within this distance.  


3) We reserve the right to charge a rural surcharge.  This will be clearly indicated on your invoice prior to payment.  We reserve the right to refuse to deliver to properties outside the 20km delivery area.  We will deliver to rural areas in batches once a week.


4) There is a delivery limit of 300 kgs per customer.  


5) The price of fuel has decreased for orders after 24/4/20. (Pellet Fire Club Member discounts still apply):

You can purchase different preset quantities.


Natures Flame 15kg bags choose 6, 12 or 20 bag options
Price is $10.70 per bag + delivery fee
Delivery Fee is $5 for 6 x 15kg bags, $10 for 12 x 15kg bags, $15 for 20 x 15kg bags.


Firetime 20kg bags choose 5, 10 or 15 bag options
Price is $13.20 per bag + delivery fee
Delivery Fee is $5 for 5 x 20kg bags, $10 for 10 x 20kg bags, $15 for 15x 20kg bags.



6) You can still purchase a pre-paid tonne but you can only get delivered the 300kg limit each delivery.  Prices are unchanged. 

(Pellet Fire Club Member discounts still apply):


66 bags of Natures Flame 15kg bags

General Sale $675.00 ($10.23 per bag) + delivery fee  (each delivery)


50 bags of Firetime 20kg bags

General Sale $635.00 ($12.70 per bag) + delivery fee  (each delivery)


7) If you have a pre-paid tonne we are keeping both the card system  and an electronic system with your balance confirmed on the invoice you receive.


8) Customers should order online via our order form at If you cannot use the form then you can call us and we can place the order for you.  03 353 0852 – if we don’t answer leave a message and we will call you back.


9) Once a new order or delivery for pre-paid tonnes is confirmed we will email an invoice to be paid.  Payment methods are internet banking or credit card (link on the invoice).  


10) The fuel will not be delivered until this is paid.  Drivers are not allowed to accept payment in person.  If you don’t have a credit card or can’t do internet banking please call us on 3530852 to discuss alternative options.


11) Customer agrees the fuel will be delivered to the driveway, we can stack it in a garage / room within access of the driveway.  The area must be cleared for us to stack the fuel.


12) Customer agrees they will be contacted with a delivery time-frame in due course. 


13) Customer agrees it is their responsibility to promptly shift the pellets to a sheltered storage area if the fuel is left on the driveway.


14) Customer agrees there are no access issues to their driveway for a Ford Transit Van.  


This information is up to date as at 10/06/2020.