About Rika Fires

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    Perfect peace and quiet thanks to continuously variable motor

    Operating noises are reduced to a minimum thanks to the continuous pellet feed and optimised flue gas routing. The intermittent noise produced by conventional pellet stoves is eliminated with the continuously variable screw conveyor motor.

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    Natural heat distribution without fan

    As with woodburning stoves, the warm air is distributed by means of radiant heat and convection heat. The convection fan usually found on pellet stoves, which raises dust and generates noise, is dispensed with completely.

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    Large hopper for less loading

    The Rika Pellet Fires have pellet hoppers ranging from 20 to 50kgs, giving 33 to 71 hours of continuous burning on low heat output.

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    WiFi connection with Rika Firenet

    1. Mobile control via the Internet and home WiFi network
    2. Independent of operating system and compatible with any PC and mobile device with Internet access
    3. Easy to set up – Plug&Play
    4. Secure data transfer with SSL encryption
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    Convenient control with touch display or SMS

    Simple and direct. Whether you prefer handling your stove via touch display or via text message from your mobile phone, the user-friendly interface allows you to maintain complete control.

    Your benefits
    1. Intuitive and self-explanatory operation
    2. Mobile control via SMS