Rika Pellet Fires

We like to keep it simple. A cosy fire with fully automatic convenience


RIKA FIRENET allows you to control and regulate your pellet fire whenever, wherever and however you like – from any PC or mobile device with internet access. Regardless of the operating system or an app.


RIKA pellet fires with automatic tipping grate ash removal impress with minimal maintenance. The automatic tipping process, which takes place at regular intervals, transports ash from the burning pot directly into the ash drawer. This extends the manual cleaning intervals. The patented RIKA self-cleaning system, an hourly cleaning of the burning pot, also keeps the manual cleaning effort to a minimum.


Motors with permanent drive are used to automatically deliver the pellets into the combustion chamber. Thanks to these so-called stepless auger motors, the annoying clicking noise you get with conventional pellet fires is eliminated. The gearbox runs permanently smoothly and therefore extremely quietly.


RIKA pellet fires are designed for perfect operation and maximum comfort. This is why all pellet fires are equipped with an integrated touch display. The touch display guarantees the easiest operation, a clear structured user interface, clearly defined safety instructions and comfortable heating time programming.