Servicing & Repairs



Eenergy services pellet fires and heat pumps.


Our priority will be to customers who have pellet fires that have broken down and need repair.


PLEASE NOTE:  We are currently booking general servicing 4-5 weeks out.   Breakdowns we can get to more quickly however we cannot guarantee same day service.

We would recommend having a back up electric heater whilst we catch up with the back log of Alert Level 4 and Alert Level 3.   We do not expect to catch up this back log until the end of winter so book your service as early as possible.


To request a service or repair please complete one of our online forms.


Please be aware that to maximise our time we will be completing work in zones so you may have little choice around the day or time that we can service.


Payment of all charges is due on the day of the service or repair.


Eenergy Pellet Fire Club Discounts


Eenergy Pellet Fire Club members get discounts on servicing, repairs and pellet fuel.  To become a Club member you need to either buy a Pellet fire off Eenergy or get your Pellet  fire serviced by Eenergy.


The first service is not at the discounted rate.   You retain your membership by getting your Pellet fire serviced by Eenergy every 12 months.


Base Rates:

Service (Club Member) $150

Service (Non-Club Member and 1st Service) $175

Repair Base Fee (Club Member) $100

Repair Base Fee (Non-Club Member) $125

Service and Repair Base Fee (Club Member) $200

Service and Repair (Non-Club Member) $225



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